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This version created 12/11/2018

About My Custom Builds:

This page details all custom builds I have made (builds which attempt to use zero "OEM" parts).

Currently, I have some builds that are still in the early stages, or builds that need to be constructed.

Pentium III Builds:

Currently, I technically have only one Pentium III build. I do, however, have the resources to create a second one; I just haven't yet. Thus, the focus will be on the currently operational one.

1999 Pentium III Gaming Build (Unnamed)

I have been working on this project for a very, very long time. I technically started Feburary of 2018, though that was ironically with the motherboard from the intended secondary PIII PC.

I managed to aquire a Pentium III system from a nearby auction for free. Apparently the system was "dead", but I was happy to just have the case. As it turns out, the system didn't work as a result of a dead PSU.